Hear from my clients

I trust you will understand why all these comments and quotes are anonymous, however they are all genuine and shared with consent.

What was important about how I worked with you?

It was the trust, knowing I was able to talk freely and that I won’t be judged. I don’t have anywhere else like that.

Talking to you helped me make connections and understand my experiences in new ways

“You don’t always tell me what I want to hear but you do make me think differently about things”

“You share your self with me, you tell me about your experience in the session and that helps me see another view”

How is therapy helping change happen for you?

it’s happening because of the way we speak together. I don’t say these things anywhere else, I can’t. It’s like, our talking opens out my wings so I can find out how to move forward”

“In therapy with you there’s plainness rather than politeness – a balance of acceptance and challenge, you don’t skirt around things, you will sensitively raise an issue when it is affecting the relationship and work between us.”

“I think speak in my own unique way but I never felt like you didn’t get me. It allowed me to open up and trust that whatever I shared was ok, you accepted me no matter what. I could be angry and unfiltered about people in my life and I knew that I wasn’t judged.”

What has changed for you?

I understand more why I’ve done things I have in the past. Before I couldn’t see why I’d made decisions that weren’t right for me

“I feel like I’ve been confused a lot through life, growing up with the childhood I had. I don’t have that pressure any more, It’s lifted and gone, I’ve let go of it.”

“For the first time I feel like I know what I want from my life and I feel like I can do something about it. That’s been like a gift to me.”

“At the start I felt like life was a black cloud but now I can look out of the window and it feels not empty but peaceful”

“I feel more safe now, emotionally, and more able to share what I feel about things even in difficult situations. It’s like I’m living in colour again. When I met you at first I was broken and life felt monochrome, grey. I couldn’t see a way out, I thought that life was just always going to be like that. I was just existing. The difference now is that I’m more vibrant and shiny, I’m ALIVE – my liveliness came back.”

What did therapy feel like for you?

It felt like we were doing a two-person jigsaw and we were absolutely doing it together, every now and then there was a piece missing or hiding under the table or cooker and we looked for it together, discovering where it’s hiding and putting it in place together.

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